Did someone say “Free trip to Hawaii?”

Thats right friend!

And all you have to do is convince a group of friends to come to Hawaii. If you have a group of friends that need that much convincing to come to Hawaii you may want to rethink your choice of friends ….. Just kidding. sort of.

but seriously … Here’s what you need to know:

STEP 1: Find 20 or more friends and family … that one guy you talk to sometimes … the mail man – ANYONE together to travel as a group. As the 21st member of the group, you’ll travel for free!

Whats the catch? No catch – but here’s the breakdown on Group Discounts: 

The SIT Group Travel Program offers you an opportunity to travel with friends, family, co-workers, or fellow members of a club or association. To qualify for the Discounted Group rate your group must have a total of SIX travelers minimum.

When your group is ready, SIT Vacations will assign special code to your group which must be provided when booking. Each member of your group can book individually online or over the phone. After we receive deposits from all members of the group, we will apply the Discount to each member’s remaining balance, which is due 90 days before the tour date to help secure hotel and activity bookings.

*REMEMBER you need a group of 20 or more travelers to qualify as a group leader for FREE TRAVEL*

STEP 2: Contact us and we’ll get you all set up and hopefully you and your group will be on your way!

 call at 877-778-8505 or email us at reservations@sitvacations.com

Note: The Group leader reward program and Group Discounts may not apply to other SIT Vacations promotions and last minute deals … but we appreciate your enthusiasm!

Everyone wins when you travel as a group! So get the band back together and  Contact us at SIT Vacations for information on special group rates –  This is a perfect option for a much needed work retreat, upcoming family reunions, classes or conventions. Speak with our customer service agent to see how you can create a custom itinerary for your group!

As a tour group leader aka “The awesome guy whose idea it was to get us all to take a Vacation” – you travel for free!

Get more information on the Sit Vacations main site. We look forward to see you … and hopefully everyone else too!