Explore the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands in your Next Vacation

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Explore the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands in your Next Vacation


For decades, the “Sandwich Island,” has been revered by travellers from around the world. It’s natural landscape is second to none in beauty. Now known as Hawaii to many, this archipelago of heaven has radiated love and Aloha ever since its discovery by Captain James Cook in 1778. Palm trees swaying and white sandy beach creates a paradise feeling that cannot be replicated unless experienced first-hand. Each island is gifted with beauty that comparing them would be injustice. But to fully appreciate what they can offer, one has to visit it themselves. Whether it is for short or long-term, it will only take a day to understand why words cannot express the uniqueness of its mana (spiritual power). But if you have to start somewhere, let it be Waikiki.

Waikiki, Oahu


Sunset symbolizes the end of another sunny day; in Waikiki it demonstrates the amazing colours of Hawaii’s heaven and its golden skies. A moment mostly enjoyed in peace as the calm ocean reflects the last rays of the day’s sun. As the sun set, Waikiki springs into life on the stretch. Solo artists show off their art on the street or on stage. There is a dinner show guarantee you will enjoy and also fit your budget.

Surf and Water

He’enalu or surfing as now known was once a privilege reserved just for the Ali’i or chiefs of Hawaii. What is a vacation to these islands and try surfing? Well Waikiki is the best place to learn because of its gentle small waves that allows a beginner to catch their first taste of this addiction. You can borrow a board from a friend or use board rentals located along the beach. It needs a lot of fall until you get better at it and then it’s a never ending hobby. But if balancing is not your thing, there are sail canoes that take you out towards Diamond head and just enjoy the wind through your hair. Or you can catch a wave with an outrigger canoe with your friends. They also offer this on the beach for a small price.

Shopping and Things-to-do

Waikiki is small and big enough that it’s the perfect place window shop. With the varieties of store to choose from, you will find a store that meets your budget. From Louis Vuitton to the numerous ABC stores, you will find a souvenir for yourself, a relative or a friend at home. There is also the trolley that goes around Waikiki and ends at the Alamoana Shopping Centre where there are more shops to choose from. The Honolulu Zoo and Aquarium is at the end of the stretch for a small entrance fee. Diamond head hike is a ten minute taxi ride from your hotel and takes 35 minutes to hike up to the summit for some breathtaking views of Kahala and Waikiki.

Waikiki have a lot to offer for your trip. Take advantage of our 7 day packages for a quick escape from life. Treat yourself to a vacation and zip a mai-tai on the beach a enjoy the glamorous beauty of this island. Waikiki is ready anytime; it’s just waiting on YOU.

Whether you wish to have lifetime memory of your honeymoon journey or wish to spend splendid time with friends and family, Hawaii is a vacation destination for all. It is important to do some research or seek advertise from tour agencies to make a better choice whether you want to include few or all Hawaii vacation deals.