Hawaii – Island of Romance

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Hawaii – Island of Romance

Island of Romance, Fantasy Island, or Paradise, every visitor has endowed Hawaii with endearing and enchanting titles after falling in love with the people, culture and traditions of Hawaii. The most isolated chain of islands that floats in the Pacific Ocean like a flower lei. Each island has its own unique tale and character. Your trip and memories depends on which of these islands you visit. But one thing they all have in common, “you will fall in love” anyhow no matter which one you choose.


Oahu, also nickname as the Gathering Island is full of life. If you like the outdoors, there is plenty of short and long romantic hiking trails with phenomenal views of the island and nature. Numerous water activities vary from snorkeling in the north shore, to fishing the open oceans, sunset dinner cruise, parasailing or even swimming with the dolphins. The Polynesian Cultural Center for a day full of learning about the native Hawaiians but don’t forget to visit the number one tourist attraction on the island, Pearl Harbor Memorial. Waikiki is also full of excitement at night. Night clubs with different style of entertainments and glamorous dinner shows to liven up your night.


Maui, also known as the Magic Isle has plenty of beautiful landscapes and cascading waterfalls to relax your senses. Some of the top beaches in the world are found on Maui. Just relax on the white sand and enjoy the stunning shorelines. Outdoor activities range from hiking Iao Valley to biking down Haleakala. But if you like the water, Molokini is the best island for snorkeling with sea turtles, colorful lagoon fish and rich coral reef.

Kauai: The Garden Isle

The northern most island is Kauai. Being the oldest of the Hawaiian archipelago, it is the most green and lushes. Its rich volcanic soil attracted agricultural companies both in the past and the present. Hollywood and the filming industry have also featured the island multiple times in academy winning films. The island just shouts relaxation. Days are longer and time seems to stand still here in the green Garden Island.

Hawaii: The Big Island

Hawaii, also known as the Big Island is almost twice the size of all of the other Hawaiian Islands together. Most popular attractions of the Big Island includes colored-sand beaches at Papakolea (green) and Punalu’u (black). The Volcano National Park for a whole day learning about volcanoes, or swimming with the majestic Manta rays at night. The historic town of Kona is perfect for a romantic getaway.

So whether you want to spend your whole trip on one, or share your time among all islands, you are sure to call this place your second home. Whatever you are looking for, romance, excitement, fun or just relaxation, these islands will sure deliver.

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