5 Hidden and Must-Have Experiences for Your Hawaii Vacation

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5 Hidden and Must-Have Experiences for Your Hawaii Vacation


Heading for Hawaii for your next getaway? You have made a good decision about your destination, and now it’s time to ponder over what you should do in Hawaii and where to roam.

As you would have been planning for your trip and scouting for Big Island vacation packages, looking for the best things to do in Hawaii, you would probably stumble upon the regular articles and information about the most popular destination in the city of Honolulu, i.e. Waikiki. But, the exotic beachfront is not the only place to hangout, there are so many other places and activities that are usually by-passed by the visitors, but are equally great for your serene joy and exotic experience.

Take a break from the crowded streets and beaches and enjoy a pristine and amazing atmosphere with this guide:

1. Pow Wow Hawaii Festival

Kaka’ako is a small town, situated between the Honolulu’s downtown and Waikiki. It is a historically significant industrial district. The festival of Pow Wow Hawaii held each year in February is a great convergence of artists from around the globe. Here you will get to experience a different world of murals, engulfed in a sea of colors. The unique thing that you will get to see is that the painters and artists paint the area’s walls with distinctive and large murals, which remain till the succeeding year festival.

2. Kaka’ako Farmers’ Market

The weekly Kaka’ako Farmers’ Market is a paradise for all those travel enthusiasts who are looking to indulge in the local and exotic, fresh Hawaiian produce.

3. Honolulu Night Market

Who says that amazing night life is inside the clubs? Head over to Auahi Street and experience the amazing vibe and energy of the Honolulu Night Market, held once a month, filled with stalls all over the street selling delicious locally produced food, along with fashion and art items.

4. Honolulu Museum of Art

This is one place, which you cannot afford to miss. It has a highly impressive collection of arts and paintings. Along with the main building, the two other attractions in the vicinity are:

Spalding House – Situated in Makiki Heights, this is a museum of contemporary art, constituting of local artist’s flavors.
Shangri La Museum – This museum is located in Black Point neighborhood, on the eastern side of the Diamond Head. The museum constitutes impressive collection of Islamic artwork, new and old, collected and brought by the wealthy heiress, Doris Duke.

5. Food

Hawaii is praised by visitors from across the globe for its authentic and exotic cuisines. In Waikiki, you will find several, affordable restaurants serving local and global food produce, made in delicious manner, and served with gracefulness. From upmarket dishes, to poolside snacks, authentic Hawaii dishes, amazing Japanese cuisine to re-invented Asian food, there is no lack of scrumptiousness.

Make sure that when you book your Hawaii travel package, you include your itinerary with all these amazing experiences, which will provide you with lasting memories for lifetime.