Keep Calm and Hike Makapu’u …

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Keep Calm and Hike Makapu’u …

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Aloha! Nice to meet you ….



We’ll get to Makapu’u in a minute haha – but first – a little about SIT Vacations’ new blogger on the block.

My name is Angel Mataia. I’m a Pisces – I love long walks along the beach …. hahaha okay okay …

I grew up in Southern California but have made Oahu my home for the past few years. I love it here as you probably can imagine – and if an In N Out Burger ever gets built here  – I’ll have almost no reason to ever leave the island again haha ( My west coasters know what I’m talkin about ! )

My family members have lived on Oahu for far longer than I have; we all currently reside on Oahu’s famed North Shore, with a few dogs, some free range chickens, and bunch of growing kiddos.

The only thing that makes working and living in Hawaii so awesome is the chance it gives us to meet so many of you from all over the world – sooooo …..  COMMENT! Ask questions – tell me about yourself and your Hawaii experiences, or share your own personal travel tips for Hawaii first timers. We’d love to hear any suggestions for us on places to check out while on island. Let me know! and most importantly Let SIT Vacations, take you there :)

The main focus of this blog is to show you around the neighborhood so to speak, share with you some of our favorite sights, sounds, and even flavors of Hawaii. Consider us your newest connection in Hawaii – the long lost Polynesian cousin you never knew you had haha

Here’s to New Places and New Friends!


Let me start off by saying that I’m not what one would necessarily call an avid hiker. But when a group of friends needed something free but fun to do the general consensus was to trek out to the Windward side of the Island and hike up to the Makapu’u lookout. We took the above photo from the top of the lookout. A view well worth it as most good hikes tend to be. Makapu’u lighthouse trail doesn’t disappoint on scenic beauty – even for someone who didn’t thoroughly enjoy the hike up haha

The Oahu Division of State Parks classifies the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail as “Moderate” and I would agree.

However makapu4this wouldn’t be a leisurely hike to take when you stop the rental car to take a look. Wear comfortable shoes, and loose comfy hiking appropriate clothes. The trail is all uphill, on a hot or moderately warm day in Hawaii expect to get fairly sweaty. If you’re anything like me on vacation and have sampled nearly every delicious new offering to come across your plate than Makapu’u Lighthouse trail is great way to work it out without overdoing it while also getting in a healthy dose of Hawaii’s scenic natural beauty. If you are taking a drive and happen to stop by, but aren’t prepared for a full hike its always an option to do a partial walk/hike. The views from every part of the trail are amazing no matter where you are so its still possible to get a good shot for the perfect Instagram post haha … maybe an option for the “lets not and say we did” travelers in your group.

The route is a total of two miles up – round trip. As you can imagine, the uphill route up makes for a quick downhill trip back to the beginning of the trail. Another reason for good shoes – watch your step coming down! The trail is uphill, as I mentioned before, and might be difficult for some but there are resting/lookout points along the way to stop and take a rest if needed. Makapu’u is a perfect trail for the occasional, maybe reluctant and not so outdoorsy hiker as well as the iron man marathon runner in the family. Dogs are also welcome on the trail – so bring your furry friends if you’ve traveled together! A little something to do for everyone … and did I mention free? We like free.


I’d say about two hours is plenty to enjoy this hike, that’s not only walking time but includes selfie and family photo time as well. The Windward side is a little dryer than some other parts of the island. There isn’t anywhere to get water along the trail so bring plenty with you along with sunscreen and a hat! It gets pretty windy at the summit so make sure you hold on to your hats! The Makapu’u lighthouse itself is off limits but its distinctive red roof makes for some beautiful shots against all the sapphire blue of the coastline – like the one pictured left that I took from a ways down the trail.

Depending on the weather, clear days may provide you with a view of the islands of Moloka’i and Lana’i. From November to May Makapu’u is a great spot to view whales in the bay, but be sure to bring binoculars.

All in All – Makapu’u is worth doing! Its a great day outdoors, you leave having seen some of the best views that Oahu has to offer. If isn’t already on the Hawaii “to do” list – you might want to pencil it in. You’ll be glad you did :)


Me and some of the guys at the top of Makap’u Lookout



that wind though!

 Happy Travels!


For SIT Vacations


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