Enjoying Samoa



Do you love the idea of being in a faraway land where no worries can touch you? A place surrounded by pristine oceans on all sides, amidst the beauty of nature, and having your partner by your side- this combination seems unreal, right? Visit Samoa and experience it for yourself!

Samoa is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, and has countries like Hawaii and New Zealand for company. Upolu and Savai’i are the largest islands of Samoa, accompanied by 8 smaller islands. What is interesting about the Samos islands is that they have been formed as a result of volcanic eruptions, except Savai’i, which houses active volcanoes.

Some of the most amazing aspects of nature would await you at Samoa. For instance, a major tourist attraction in Upolu is the To Sua Ocean Trench, which is a giant swimming hole and can be accessed only through a long ladder. The ocean is overlooked by white sand beach, making it a romantic getaway for visiting couples.

For those of you who love water or adventure sports, the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve cannot be given a miss. Walking in the water towards the other end of the coral reef when there is a low tide, with beautiful, cute little fish swimming around you, is definitely an experience worth the effort!

Your trip to Samoa would be incomplete if you missed the Fiafia Night, a place of cultural celebration. You would be blown away with the singing and dancing, especially the Fire Dancing, taking place in the true Samoa cultural style.

SIT Vacations offers Samoa travel deals at budget prices. A 7 day trip to the Samoa islands would cost around $1195 per person (taxes extra). For someone who would want to explore part of the Hawaii islands along with Samoa, a 12 day package would be charged at $2895 per person (taxes extra).

Samoa Travel Deals by SIT Vacations include the following services:

  • Option of choosing a self guided or escorted tour
  • Hotel accommodation for 5 nights
  • Round trip shuttle to the airport
  • Everyday buffet breakfast

Escorted tours and Samoa travel deals by SIT Vacations ensure that you enjoy every bit of your trip to this natural wonderland. Your personal guide will be there with you so that you don’t get lost in a new place. Also, all the travel arrangements and itineraries are pre-planned for your comfortable stay.

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