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Cheap Vacation Packages

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One of the most romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary is to spend quality time alone in a faraway land – a place where you could just not worry about your everyday chores and tensions, rather relive those moments when you committed yourself to each other. And imagine a backdrop of vast stretches of water, with white sand beaches and thick groves of palm trees to make the experience more surreal?

All this can become possible if you book cheap vacation packages with SIT Vacations. It provides an entire package of sightseeing in Hawaii and the neighboring Samoa Island if you wish to visit it. SIT Vacations is a trusted traveling and vacation provider, making it a preferred option when it comes to booking vacations to the Hawaii.

SIT Vacations has cheap vacation packages which start from as low as $695 per person (plus taxes) for a five day trip to the Kauai Island of Hawaii. Prices of packages go up to $2195 per person (plus taxes) for a two week trip to all the four major islands of Hawaii. Between this price range, there are variations in the options of islands you visit and the number of days that your vacation lasts. Add the neighboring Samoa Island to your Hawaiian trip, and you could spend approximately $2895 per person (plus taxes).

For a place like Hawaii, which boasts of nature’s bounty, this amount is quite reasonable and affordable, considering the facilities provided in these packages. Where else can you whole heartedly enjoy pristine beaches, white sand, clear blue water, the shades of palm trees and the special hula dancing at prices lower than these?

Not just these, SIT Vacations offers the following incentives to travel with them:

  • Group leader– By inviting at least 20 of your friends or colleagues to book their travel with SIT Vacations, you could travel for free as the 21st member of the group. Not to mention, your entire gang would be there so multiple the fun.
  • Group travel– Get at least six people from your family and friends circle to travel with you, and you could earn them an opportunity to obtain a cash back of $200 per traveler.
  • Refer a Friend– Each time you a refer SIT Vacations to a friend and they book with the site, you can win back $100, only when the booking does not qualify under an existing promotional deal.

So get yourself into action and earn cheap vacation packages for your dear and near ones.

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